The MI5 was founded and created by Da363bomb. A cooperation striving for success and defending England. If you have any enquires please contact us at the MI5 base at

Rank List


Low Ranks-

Recruit (Starting Rank)


Officer I II III

Elite Officer I II III


Elite Leader I II

Elite Squad Leader

Security Ranks:

Security Officer I II III

Security Supervisor

Asst. Head Of Security

Head Of Security

Spy Ranks:


Spy Supervisor

Asst. Head Of Spy's

Head Of Spy's

Training Ranks:

Trainer I II III

Training Supervisor

Asst. Head Of Training

Head Of Training

Junior Management:

Asst. H/O Standards

Head Of Standards

Asst. HQ Supervisor

HQ Supervisor

Asst. HQ Manager

Asst. HQ Manager

HQ Manager

Asst. H/O Alliances

Head Of Alliances

Junior Management 2:

Mission Leader

Head Of Finances


Division General

Senior Management 

Director Of Standards

Director Of Training

Director Of High Ranks

HQ Director

Vice President


Chief Of Staff

Office Of Administration

Chairman Of The Board

Snr. Member O/T Board

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Owner: Da363bomb

Founder: InfamousV

Founder: Josh--Original

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